Flair Airlines Baggage Fees

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April, 2024. Prices are each way and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Flair Airlines Baggage fees:


Personal Bag

(15 cm x 33 cm x 43 cm (6 in x 13 in x 17 in)
7 kg (15.5 lb))

Check In$0
At airport$0

Carry On Bag

(23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm (9 in x 15.5 in x 21.5 in)
10 kg (22 lb))

Online$29-$49+ Taxes
Check in$29-$49+ Taxes
At airport$59+ Taxes

First Checked Bag

(158 cm (62 in) in total linear dimensions
23 kg (50 lb))

Online$49-$69+ Taxes
Check in$49-$69+ Taxes
At airport$79+ Taxes

Second Checked Bag

(158 cm (62 in) in total linear dimensions
23 kg (50 lb))

Online$49-$69+ Taxes
Check In$49-$69+ Taxes
At airport$79+ Taxes

Additional Checked Bags

(158 cm (62 in) in total linear dimensions
23 kg (50 lb))

Online$79+ Taxes
Check in$79+ Taxes
At Airport$99+ Taxes

Overweight Bags

(158 cm (62 in) in total linear dimensions; 23-45 kg (50-99 lb))

Check In$0
At Airport$99+ Taxes

Oversized Bags

(158-292 cm (63-115 in) in total linear dimensions
Please note, if a checked bag is oversized AND overweight, then only the overweight fee applies.)

Check In$0
At Airport$99+ Taxes

About Flair Airlines

Flair is a Canadian airline based in Edmonton, Alberta. It calls itself the only ultra-low-cost carrier in Canada, and its slogan is even “Plane and Simple”. It started operations only in 2005. It maintains a fleet of just 18 planes (mostly Boeing 737s) and flies to only 37 destinations.

Its operating bases include Edmonton, Abbotsford, Kitchener/Waterloo, Ottawa, Toronto-Pearson, and Vancouver. However, it will start operations in Tucson by December of 2022.

Great Reasons to Fly Flair

Low Costs

This is the most obvious reason for a lot of passengers. Compared to the airfares charged by other airlines, the Flair airfares are almost ridiculously cheap.

Friendly Attendants

You can find lots of online social media posts decrying the rudeness of many flight attendants these days. But you won’t be able to complain about the attitudes of the Flair flight attendants. They’re very nice and helpful, and you can say the same for just about every Flair staff member you’ll encounter.

Good Inflight Entertainment

It all starts with their free Flair In-Flight App, which you can download from either the App Store or Google Play. With this app, you can then get lots of info and tips.

You can use the app to check out the extensive snack menu, with plenty of options for food and drinks. The app also offers access to various shows, videos, and documentaries. There are now interactive games for all ages, which is great for keeping your kids calm (and you might enjoy them too). The app even offers information regarding various Canadian cities and landmarks, which may give you new ideas on where to spend your next vacation.

Great Menu

The menu is actually a fun read, since it makes you feel like you’re at a snack bar or a fast-food restaurant. The prices are also quite reasonable.

In the “Light Bites” section, you can get a Kit-Kat, Pringles, chips, beef jerky, salted cashews, maple syrup salted pecans, eco-friendly gummies, muffins, and humus mezete.

In the “Hot Snacks” section, you’ve got vegetable noodles, carbonara pasta, deep dish cheese pizza, and breakfast sandwich.

Among the drinks available are orange juice, apple juice, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, ginger ale, Nestea iced tea, coffee, black tea, and peppermint tea. There’s bottled water as well.

It’s so great that they even have combo deals. Get a muffin with any drink, and it’s just $7.50. Pick either pasta carbonara or a breakfast sandwich, get a drink, and pick a light snack (Kit Kat, Pringles, cashews, chips, or Clif bar). Combined, you only pay $13. And if you get the pizza instead of the pasta or breakfast sandwich, it’s just $15.

Flair Baggage Fees and Policies

For Carry-On

First off, you’re allowed to bring a personal bag for free. It should not be heavier than 15.5 pounds, or larger than 6 by 13 by 17 inches. It has to fit under the seat in front of you.

This usually means small tote bags, briefcases, purses, and laptop bags. Just don’t exceed the size and weight limits, or else the bag will be considered a carry-on.

Carry-on bags can be up to 22 pounds, and as large as 9 by 15.5 by 21.5 inches. Usually, these are regular backpacks, small roller suitcases, and small duffel bags.

If you pay for the carry-on online or during check-in, the price ranges from $29 to $49. Pay at the airport, and it’s $59. Also, there are additional taxes for these fees.

For Checked Baggage

Checked bags have to measure 62 total linear inches at the most. That means adding up the inches for the length, width, and height. The bags also cannot be heavier than 50 pounds.

For the 1st and 2nd checked bags, you’ll pay $49 to $69 each (plus taxes). But if you pay at the airport, that’s $79 plus taxes.

For additional checked bags (3rd and subsequent bags), you’ll pay $79 each if you pay early. But it’s $99 (plus taxes) if you pay at the airport.

For overweight and oversized bags, you’ll pay an additional $99 plus taxes for each. At least it’s still $99 even if the bag is both overweight and oversized.

Checked bags cannot measure more than 115 total linear inches, and cannot weigh more than 99 pounds.

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