Porter Airlines Baggage Fees

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July, 2024. Prices are each way and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Porter Airlines Baggage fees:


At time of booking
When purchased with a new reservation through flyporter.com.

1st bag

Basic$27.50 - to$42.55
Standard$27.50 - to$42.55
Flexible$27.50 - to$42.55

2nd bag

Basic$50 - to$57.50
Standard$50 - to$57.50
Flexible$50 - to$57.50

3rd bag

Basic$100 - to$115
Standard$100 - to$115
Flexible$100 - to$115
Freedom$100 - to$115

When added to an existing reservation online or when booking through the Call Centre.

1st bag

Basic$32.50 - to$48.30
Standard$32.50 - to$48.30
Flexible$32.50 - to$48.30

2nd bag

Basic$55 - to$63.25
Standard$55 - to$63.25
Flexible$55 - to$63.25

3rd bag

Basic$105 - to$120.75
Standard$105 - to$120.75
Flexible$105 - to$120.75
Freedom$105 - to$120.75

At airport check-in

1st bag

Basic$37.50 - to$54.05
Standard$37.50 - to$54.05
Flexible$37.50 - to$54.05

2nd bag

Basic$60 - to$69
Standard$60 - to$69
Flexible$60 - to$69

3rd bag

Basic$110 - to$126.50
Standard$110 - to$126.50
Flexible$110 - to$126.50
Freedom$110 - to$126.50

At the gate
If your carry-on is overweight or oversized, it will be checked at the gate for a fee. All bags checked at the gate need to be picked up at baggage claim. Fees are based on the total number of checked bags.

1st bag

Basic$42.50 - to$59.80
Standard$42.50 - to$59.80
Flexible$42.50 - to$59.80

2nd bag

Basic$70 - to$80.50
Standard$70 - to$80.50
Flexible$70 - to$80.50

3rd bag

Basic$120 - to$138
Standard$120 - to$138
Flexible$120 - to$138
Freedom$120 - to$138

Overweight or oversized baggage
You may be able to check in a larger bag by paying an oversize or overweight fee at the airport. There must be space on the aircraft and your bag must be within size and weight limits. Please arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes prior to your recommended check-in time.

Overweight fee above 23kg (50lbs)

Basic$100 - to$115
Standard$100 - to$115
Flexible$100 - to$115
Freedom$100 - to$115

Oversize bag fee

Basic$100 - to$115
Standard$100 - to$115
Flexible$100 - to$115
Freedom$100 - to$115

About Porter Airlines

If you haven’t heard of Porter Airlines, you’re not exactly alone. It’s a small, regional Canadian airline, with just a fleet of 29 planes flying to 23 destinations. It only began operations in 2006, and it didn’t help that it suspended operations for about 18 months during the pandemic. Still, it has secured enough capital reserve for its post-pandemic recovery efforts.

Reasons to Fly Porter

So, why should you fly Porter? If you’re flying from Toronto, here are some good reasons:

Fast Process

The relative anonymity of Porter Airlines is actually an advantage for many passengers. You have shorter lines at the check-in, which makes things go faster. And you also get quick gate access through the airport.

Comfy Seats

The interiors are spacious, and with full-height dimensions. The seats are also comfortable, and there are no middle seats. It’s usually a short trip, so you won’t have comfort issues.

Good Snacks

The flight comes with complimentary premium snacks, as most flights don’t really last all that long. You can bring your own food if you want, including sandwiches and fruits.

You can also get coffee, tea, and soft drinks, along with beer and wine.

Reasonable Alcohol Policies

Some young American adults might be delighted to discover that the minimum drinking age in-flight is 19 years old. However, the crew does reserve the right to refuse to serve alcohol to any passenger, regardless of age. It’s all based on their discretion.

Usually, though, they will refuse to serve alcohol based on the passenger’s behavior and the number of drinks they’ve already consumed. That seems reasonable enough, since no one really want a drunk passenger on board.

Porter Baggage Fees and Policies

For Carry-On

You’re allowed a personal item on board when you’re flying Basic. This personal item has to weigh 20 pounds at the most. It also cannot be larger than 17 by 6 by 13 inches. Usually, that means you can bring your purse, briefcase, laptop computer, or a small garment bag with you.

If you’re flying Standard, Flexible, or Freedom, then you can bring along both a personal item and a standard carry-on bag. Again, it cannot be heavier than 20 pounds. It can’t be bigger than 16 by 9 by 22 inches. This can be a suitcase, a backpack, or a duffel bag.

A pet carrier also qualifies as a standard carry-on. The same goes for duty-free items, though they have to be in reasonable quantities.

For Checked Bags

When your bag is too heavy or too large, then it can be part of your checked baggage allowance. It can be as heavy as 50 pounds at the most. No checked bag can be heavier than 70 pounds.

It also cannot exceed 62 linear inches (that’s when you add the inches for height, width, and length).

If you’re paying Freedom airfare, then you get your first and second checked bag in for free.

For other fares and if you’re paying at the time of booking, the fee for the 1st checked bag will range from $27.50 to $42.55 depending on where you’re flying to. The 2nd bag will cost $50 to $57. The 3rd bag and all subsequent bags will cost $100 to $115 each.

If you pay post purchase, then you’re adding $6 for each checked bag. Add $12 if you pay at the airport check-in. And it’s an extra $18 per bag if you pay at the gate.

For the first and second checked bags that weigh more than 50 pounds but less than 70 pounds, you pay $100 to $115. The same goes for the oversized bags.

The good news is that if a bag is both overweight and oversized, you still pay only $100 to $115. Also, there are no overweight or oversized extra fees for the 3rd and subsequent bags.

Just make sure that each checked bag isn’t heavier than 70 pounds, or doesn’t measure more than 80 total linear inches. These bags won’t be accepted. You can also bring in sporting equipment, but they still have to conform to these requirements.

You can also have your mobility devices such as your wheelchair, along with any medical device for free, in addition to the standard baggage allowance.

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