Hawaiian Baggage Fees

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July, 2024. Prices are each way and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Hawaiian Baggage fees:


1st bag

Neighbor Island$25
North America$30
International and First Class$0

2nd bag

Neighbor Island$35
North America$40
International and First Class$0

3+ bags

Each additional bag

Neighbor Island$50
North America$100

About Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines isn’t really among the largest of airlines, and it only ranks as 10th-largest among the US carriers. Yet it’s an old airline, with operations starting out way back in 1929. It’s also large enough to gain revenues of almost $1.6 billion in 2021, despite lingering concerns about the pandemic.

It’s also the largest commercial operator for flights to and from Hawaii. It currently has about 61 planes in its fleet, although another 10 planes are on order. It flies to just 32 destinations, mainly to locations around the Pacific Ocean.

Reasons to Fly Hawaiian

Without a doubt, many consider Hawaiian Airlines as the best choice for those who are flying to and from Hawaii. It has a distinguished record, including the following notable achievements:

  • It is the oldest US airline that has never had a fatal accident or ay sort of hull loss throughout its entire history.
  • It’s usually ranked first among the on-time carrier list.
  • It has the fewest cancellations.
  • It has the fewest instances of oversales.
  • It has the fewest baggage handling issues.

Basically, it’s among the safest airlines anywhere, and it offers the fewest hassles when you’re flying. If you’re flying to a location, you’ll most likely get there on time, and so will your baggage.

Here are some other reasons:

Your Vacation Begins with the Flight

Sure, lots of other airlines do try to make flights to Hawaii special. But Hawaii Airlines is just better at it. They play Hawaiian music during the boarding, the cabins come with an island color scheme, the crew wears island-themed uniforms, and you even have mai tais.

Excellent Flight Crews

The light crews are extremely friendly, and very accommodating. Perhaps it’s because most of the crew live in Hawaii themselves, and so they’re trying their best to welcome you to their home.

Great Food

This is true even for economy class, as they serve real hot meals for no extra charge. On some of the longer domestic flights, they even serve 2 hot meals. Compare that to other airlines, which just offer a snack along the way.

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Fees and Policies

For Carry-On

You’re allowed 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag. The personal item is usually a backpack, purse, briefcase, or laptop bag, and the main rule is that it has to fit under the seat in front of you.

You can also bring in 1 carry-on bag, and it can’t be bigger that 22 by 14 by 9 inches. Keep in mind that these dimensions also factor in the handles and the wheels. Your carry-on bag should also not weigh more than 25 pounds.

You can bring in your wheelchair, baby car seats, and strollers, though not some sort of Wagon. And if your personal item or carry-on bag go over the weight and size limits, they have to be checked at check-in.

For Checked Baggage

If you’re flying First Class or on an international flight, the first and second checked bags are free. From North America, it’s $30 for the 1st checked bag and $40 for the 2nd. If you’re flying from (or to) a neighbor island, it’s $25 for the 1st bag and $35 for the 2nd.

Each additional bag will cost you $50 if you’re flying from or to a neighbor island. It’s $100 for each bag if you’re flying from North America, and $150 for international flights. 

These are the fees if your checked bags are within the limits. Each bag can’t be heavier than 50 pounds, and cannot measure more than 62 total linear inches (length, width, height inches all added together).

If your checked bag is more than 50 pounds but not more than 70 pounds, then it costs $35 if you’re from a neighbor island. Otherwise, it’s $50. But if you’re flying from Australia or New Zealand, it’s free. It’s also free if you’re flying Business Class from Japan or Korea.

If your bags weigh 71 to 100 pounds, the fee is then $70 if you’re flying from a neighbor island, and $200 from North America. It’s $400 if you’re flying from Japan, Korea, or Pago Pago. Bags this heavy, however, aren’t allowed if you’re flying from Australia, New Zealand, or Papeete.

Bags that weigh more than 100 pounds aren’t accepted. So, if your bag weighs 105 pounds, you’ll need 2 bags and only 1 of them will be overweight.

Keep in mind that the bags aren’t prepaid. You can pay online, during check-in, or at the airport.

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