Southwest Baggage Fees

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June, 2024. Prices are each way and are updated frequently.

Below are the latest Southwest Baggage fees:


Checked Baggage Basics (Up to 50 pounds each
62 inches in size (length x width x height))

Each Customer is allowed two free checked bags1. Plus, golf bags2 and skis3 count toward your free checked bag if they are within the weight limit

Three+ bags$75
Oversized bags$75
Overweight bags$75

About Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is widely regarded as the largest among the low-cost airlines. It started operations on 1971, and by 2018, Southwest carried more domestic passengers than any other US airline. It has a fleet size of 735, flying to 121 destinations.

Why Fly Southwest?

Lots of customers have good reasons to fly with Southwest Airlines:

Outstanding Change Fee Policy

Many consider the Southwest change fee policy as the best in the entire airline industry. You can change your ticket on all fare classes and all flights. If the new ticket is more expensive, then you just have to pay the difference. And if your new ticket is cheaper, you get a refund or a travel credit (depending on the fare class).

Rebooking for Lower Price

Some airline passengers like to delay their booking in the hope that the fares will drop soon. But you don’t need to be that sneaky with Southwest.

Just book your flight right now. If the ticket price suddenly goes lower, then you just get a refund. Or you can cancel your flight and then rebook with the cheaper price.

No Hidden Fees

Regardless of the industry, lots of consumers regard hidden fees as annoying at best, and downright malicious at worst. And that’s really a problem with a lot of airlines that will nickel-and-dime you to oblivion.

But not on Southwest, especially with the checked bags. While other airlines might charge you $30 for the first checked bag and $40 for the 2nd bag, with Southwest, you don’t pay for these 2 checked bags. And this is true for the cheapest Southwest fares.

Great In-Flight Entertainment

You have Wi-Fi, and it will only cost you $8 per device per day. And there are various opportunities for free Wi-Fi, such as paying for the airfare with the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Credit Card.

Once you’re connected to the Southwest Wi-Fi, you can then load the entertainment portal at That gives you the option to watch movies on your own device.

Southwest Baggage Fees and Policies

For Carry-On

You can bring in a carry-on bag along with a personal item for no extra charge. Pet carriers will be considered either as a carry-on or a personal item, though there’s an extra fee for the pet-in-cabin service.

Your carry-on item has to be small enough so it can fit inside the overhead compartment. More specifically, it can’t be longer than 24 inches, wider than 16 inches, or taller than 10.

For your personal item, the size limit is 16.25 inches in length, 13.5 inches width, and 8 inches height. If you go over any of these dimensions, then the personal item won’t fit under the seat in front of you.

Some items can be brought on board for no extra cost. These include a child restraint system, assistive devices for those with mobility issues, outer garments such as jackets, walking canes and umbrellas, and food in disposable packaging.

For Checked Bags

The first 2 checked bags are free, as long as they conform to the size and weight requirements. That means it the bags cannot exceed 62 total linear inches, when adding the inch measurements for length, width, and height. And each bag cannot weigh more than 50 pounds.

Lots of sports equipment bags also qualify as checked baggage. Golf bags, skis, and even surfboards can be checked for free. You do need to make sure you don’t go over the weight limits.

What about snow equipment? You can include 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard, a set of poles, and 1 pair of boots for skiing or snowboarding. That should fit in nicely inside a single bag. But even if you need 2 bags for all these items, everything still counts as 1 bag.

If your checked bag exceeds the weight or size limits, you’ll have to pay $75 per bag. That’s why you’re better off spreading your stuff across 2 bags that fall within the limits, rather than stuffing them all inside a single bag. Each additional bag (the 3rd checked bag and so on) will cost you $75 as well.

If your bag is bigger than 80 linear inches or heavier than 100 pounds, then the bag will be considered cargo.

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