Awesome Airport Lounges from Around the World

Awesome Airport Lounges from Around the World

After the COVID lockdown years, it sure is a relief and a joy to be able to once again fly freely through the skies and visit enchanting places from around the world. But it’s not exactly a joy to have to endure the crowds and the noise of your typical major airport.

The good news is that many airports offer a luxurious airport lounge where you can just relax or even enjoy a bot of scrumptious dining. Of course, not all airport lounges are equal, and some are definitely better than others. Here are the airport lounges considered among the best in the world:

Air France Salon La Première at Charles De Gaulle

There are plenty of great reasons to fly Air France, especially when you’re flying first class. And Air France isn’t content with just their excellent inflight service. They also made sure that their La Premiere lounge is world-class great.

If you have access to the lounge, you’ll have a driver to take you there right after you get off the plane. Once you arrive, an attendant will guide you inside.

Here, you’ll encounter 2 rooms, with the larger room furnished with bright furniture, elegant chairs, and plenty of power outlets for your mobile devices. The smaller room offers a seating area, though you do enjoy large couches here.

Here, you have a dedicated quiet section if you need a nap. There are plenty of daybeds, and even 2 actual beds if you’re lucky to have one of them free.

There’s also a spa, and you get a complimentary half-hour treatment. You can get extra treatment if you book a reservation at the spa.

There’s also terrific dining area, where the food has been handpicked by Chef Alain Ducasse. And since this is a French dining area, there’s also fantastic wine options.

SWISS First Class Lounge at the Zurich Airport

Once you get to the reception area of the SWISS First Class Lounge, you’ll encounter lots of neon signs and Swiss-Breitling clocks, and soothingly dark wooden floors. Through the glass doors, you’ll find huge wine humidors lining the area, and these humidors contain more than a thousand bottles of wine from across the globe. You can sample a few drinks from the small bar table across the humidor.

There’s also a main bar, where you’ll find even more drinks. Aside from the bar area, you also some seating space along with a dining area. Here they offer a la carte dining, with an elegant leather case around the menu with lots of amazing food and wines listed.

There are day rooms that you can book as well. These rooms feature a real bed with special bedding, a shower and toilet, a TV, plus great views of the tarmac.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class at Hong Kong International

Actually, Cathay Pacific is famous for having terrific airport lounges spread across the Asian continent. And among them, perhaps The Pier First Class in Honk Kong is the best.

It truly is elegant and spacious, and from the outside, it actually feels like you’re about to enter a luxury apartment. The interiors are warm, the sofas are gorgeous, the chairs are comfy, and you get plenty of touches of art deco.

The self-serve area offers salads, breads, fruit slices, and various pastries. There’s a noodle bar here as well., along with a la carte dining. The menu features dishes from both Western and Asian cuisine, and you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to sample.

As a guest, you can take a shower, receive a complimentary neck or foot massage, or use the business center.

The Pier, First Class Lounge, Hong Kong by Cathay Pacific

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