Great (But Underrated) Winter Holiday Destinations

Great (But Underrated) Winter Holiday Destinations

It’s not unusual if you’re planning to fly on holiday this upcoming winter season. In fact, this notion is so common that you’re not alone in doing so. The problem is that a lot of people keep coming to the most popular destinations, resulting in rather unpleasant crowds unabashedly commercial celebrations.

But you may want to take a more adventurous path and celebrate the holidays in these underrated but still great destinations:

Seneca Falls, New York

Christmas in this town of Seneca Falls is utterly charming, no doubt about it. Each year, the town celebrates its “It’s a Wonderful Life” Festival, and that comes with wagon rides, bonfires, and a lot of caroling. This area in the Finger Lakes region in New York State also offers a great wine culture so you’ll stay warm through the chilly months.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Hop into a Delta flight and take advantage of Jackson Hole this winter. This might not be underrated for long, as it has been attracting more visitors each year. There are plenty of good reasons for this increasing popularity, starting with the various active winter adventures you can enjoy in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. You can go with your own group tour, or sign up for one.

Some of the activities include riding snowmobiles, dog-sledding, and snowshoeing, and it’s a blast.

Banff, Canada

You might need more than a single visit to really explore Banff National Park, since it occupies more than 2,500 square miles. But that’s the kind of space that’s actually reassuring in this post-Covid era. Here, you have attractions such as the Icefield Parkway, the Johnson Canyon, the Athabasca Glacier, and Lake Louise, which all offer many days of exploration.

Plenty of spots here offer a wide variety of wildlife, and absolutely fantastic views of the mountains that you can’t get from a mobile screen. And you can explore various spots while snowshoeing or even while riding horse-drawn sleighs!

Yong Pyong, South Korea

Admittedly, most people have only heard about Seoul in this country. But the Yong Pyong Resort is the most famous ski destination in the country, and it even hosted the downhill slalom events in the 21018 Winter Olympics.

The ski season here lasts from November to April, and the ski weather is great during this time. You have at least 30 slopes to pick from, and of course there are lifts. There’s even a gondola ride.

Sapa, Vietnam

Actually, this place has always been popular, but as a summer holiday destination. It offers luxuriantly green terraced mountain peaks, temples often covered by clouds, and terrific hikes.

Lately, though, quite a few people have discovered that it works as a winter destination as well. The rates are cheaper during the winter, the place becomes quieter and more contemplative, and it’s not really all that cold!

Sapporo, Japan

This city is in Hokkaido, and the place has really been enthusiastic about celebrating the winter season. It offers great skiing and snowshoeing, and you can visit attractions like the Aoi Ike pond and Shirohige Falls. Both of these attractions freeze over the winter. And when you feel a bit too cold after too much outdoor exploring, you can always soak in a nearby hot spring.

Seneca Falls celebrates It’s A Wonderful Life 70th Anniversary

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