Top Reasons to Fly on American Airlines

Top Reasons to Fly on American Airlines

As one of the largest airlines in the world, American Airlines offers a range of benefits that can make your travel experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Wide network of destinations

One of the biggest advantages of flying with American Airlines is the airline’s extensive network of destinations. With flights to more than 350 destinations in 50 countries, AA can get you where you need to go. Whether you’re flying within the United States or heading abroad, this airline has a route that can get you there.

Frequent flyer program

American Airlines also offers a frequent flyer program, AAdvantage, which can help you earn and redeem miles for travel. As a member of this program,, you can earn miles when you fly with AA or any of its partner airlines, as well as when you make purchases with a co-branded credit card. These miles can be redeemed for flights, upgrades, car rentals, hotel stays, and more.

Premium cabins and amenities

For travelers who want to fly in comfort and style, American Airlines offers a range of premium cabins and amenities. First class and business class passengers can enjoy priority boarding, extra legroom, lie-flat seats, and other perks. The airline also offers a premium economy cabin on select flights, which provides more legroom, wider seats, and additional amenities. Even economy class passengers can enjoy in-flight entertainment, snacks, and Wi-Fi on most flights.

Customer service and support

American Airlines has a dedicated customer service team that can assist you with any questions or issues you may have before, during, or after your flight. The airline also offers a mobile app that can help you manage your itinerary, check in for your flight, and access real-time flight information.

In-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi

You’ll have access to in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi on most flights. The airline offers a range of movies, TV shows, and music to keep you entertained during your flight. And with Wi-Fi available on most flights, you can stay connected and productive while you’re in the air. In 2019, AA completed its satellite-based Wi-Fi retrofit and now 900 of its aircrafts have high-speed internet using satellite.

Oneworld Alliance

Being an American Airlines elite member allows you to earn miles on American Airlines that can be redeemed for fantastic awards on their airline partners like Cathay Pacific.

AA’s top-tier elite status means that passengers flying in economy are treated as first-class passengers when flying with alliance partners. This includes access to first-class lounges when flying through major cities like Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.

Excellent Lounges

American Airlines is continually investing in its domestic and international lounges, making them some of the best airline lounges in the United States. Admirals Club lounges, in particular, are coming online with ample seating, power, and high-speed internet, but AA could improve the quality of food served in these clubs.

The airline has also opened five Flagship Lounges at most of its international gateways, which are spacious and well-designed lounges. Since they are designated as business-class lounges, mid-tier Platinum elites of American Airlines can enjoy this luxury on international flights even if they have economy tix.

Earn Elite Status Through Partners

You can earn elite status through partners airlines which can help you meet the 15,000 Elite-Qualifying Dollars (EQD) so you can achieve Executive Platinum without flying with AA.

Upgrade System

American Airlines’ upgrade policy is one of the best in the industry. When you reach Top-tier Executive Platinum this entitles you to unlimited upgrades through its 500-mile upgrade program which you can avail as long as your destination is within North America. Mid-high-tier Platinum Pro status also gives you free upgrades on revenue flights within North America (unlimited). If you don’t get upgraded into first class, you may still get extra-legroom economy, which AA calls Main Cabin Extra.

If you’re flying with American Airlines, learn these tips:

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