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Italy Vacation Packing List

From quaint old towns to breath-taking coastal villages and the bright lights and tall buildings in modern cities, there is so much diversity in Italy.

You’ll need to decide which places you want to visit in this huge country. Once that’s done, the next thing to do is decide on what items to bring on your trip. Here’s an essential packing list you can start with:

1. Reusable water bottle

Not only will a reusable bottle save you $$ it will also save you time having to look for stores

2. Tripod and selfie stick

The beautiful scenery and ancient architecture in Italy are the perfect backdrops. Bringing a selfie stick will ensure you have photo ops in all these places.

3. Money belt

To make sure you won’t lose your money to pickpockets in Italy, place your cash in a secure money belt.

4. Comfy shoes

The unspoken dress rule in this country is that there should be a balance between comfort and style. A pair of ballet flats will work well with any outfit. And you can wear them all day too!

5. Portable charger

You don’t want your phone to run out of battery while you’re out sightseeing. A portable charger will allow you to recharge your phone anytime and anywhere.

6. Adapter

You need an adapter that’ll work in Italy unless all your electronics are dual voltage. Italy operates on 230V and 50Hz so be sure to keep this mind when purchasing an adapter.

7. Clothing and accessories

Italy’s temperature changes seasonally and various parts of the country have different climates. For example, in north Italy the seasons are more pronounced while in the south, temperatures are milder.

Check the weather and climate in the areas you’re visiting before your trip. In general though, you should have the following in your bag:

  • Shawl or scarf –  It serves a few purposes such as to protect you from sun exposure, to cover your shoulders or knees when entering a Catholic church, or to add a layer to keep you warm during the cold months.
  • Dress – Bring a few dresses that you’ll need when sightseeing, going out to dinners, or even shopping. As mentioned, you want to look stylish yet comfortable when out and about in Italy. You simply can’t let yourself look drab.
  • Jewelry – Bring a few pieces of jewelry that will suit all if not most of your outfits. Try not to choose chunky or expensive ones to avoid becoming a victim of theft or burglary.
  • Polarized sunglasses –Sunglasses are essential especially those with specialized lenses that can prevent glare and block UV rays.
  • Stylish tops – Be sure to pack a few stylish blouses or tops. Italy is, after all, Europe’s fashion capital. You can wear jeans or skirt but you should complement it with a fashionable top. Men can wear a classic button down shirt to blend in with everyone else.

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