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Packing List for Your Vegas Holiday

Las Vegas has long built a reputation for being an adult party playground. Whether you’re going for a bachelor/bachelorette party, conference or a short holiday, it’s important to know what to wear and what to bring in Vegas before you take that JetBlue Air flight. Here are our packing list recommendations:

1. A few fabulous outfits

A night out in Vegas requires a gorgeous outfit. Go for a sparkly dress or a halter jumpsuit. This is not the place to dress down or be subtle.

2. Neck wallet

Pickpockets and thieves roam the streets of Vegas and it’s a good idea to protect your valuables by bringing a neck wallet on your trip, preferably one with RFID technology so that your credit card and ID information won’t be stolen by “e-thieves.”

3. Cooling towel

If you’re going there in the summer, it will be very hot. Find relief by bringing a cooling towel which you can place around your neck or your forehead to cool you down.

4. Portable charger

Whether you’re out exploring the Strip or hiking in the desert, you don’t want to have to go back to your hotel to recharge your phone and other electronics. Bring a portable charger to power up your devices.

5. Swimwear

Pool parties are a thing in Vegas and your pool attire should be on-point! Choose a swimsuit that you’re comfortable wearing all day.

To add, you should also bring a swimsuit cover-up that’s sexy but gives enough coverage.

6. Travel towel

Pool parties and hiking to hot springs are some of the ways people enjoy Vegas so be sure to bring a quick-dry travel towel on your trip.

7. Cooling fan

A cooling fan helps you stay comfortable and cool under the scorching heat of the sun. You can actually just purchase one in Vegas so there’s no need to pack it in your bag unless you have lots of luggage space.

8. Electrolytes, activated charcoal and painkillers

You’ll never know what kind of crazy things you’ll find yourself doing in Vegas and it’s best to be prepared. You’ll need some “hangover essentials” like electrolytes, activated charcoal and painkillers.

Electrolytes to rehydrate you, painkillers for that morning headache, and activated charcoal to absorb any toxins that are still lingering in your system!

9. A cute day bag

You’ll likely be walking around the city the whole day and your purse might not be adequate to carry all the stuff you’ll need.

A cute day bag is a good idea and it will still have enough space for any small items you buy along the way.

10. Water bottle

In Vegas you need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. This city is in the middle of a desert, and it can get really hot. Don’t dehydrate yourself as it can be very dangerous. Bring a refillable water bottle so you can drink water anytime and anywhere.

11. Walking shoes

You’ll be doing a lot of walking here since cabs are pricey and parking spots are hard to come by. Wear comfortable but stylish footwear.

12. Facial spray

The sun, alcohol, dry air, and dust can be damaging to your skin, especially your face. Be sure to bring your favorite facial spray to keep your skin hydrated.

What to Wear in VEGAS

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