Terrific Watch Cases for Travelers

Terrific Watch Cases for Travelers

When you’re an avid watch collector, it’s almost impossible to just bring along a single watch when you’re flying away on business or on holiday. Often, it’s because you might want a diving watch when you’re on the beach, an everyday watch when exploring the town, and a dress watch for dates or for business meetings.

Or maybe, you have more than one favorite watch, and you want to alternate them each day.

Either way, you’ll need a proper watch case for your watches, especially when you’re flying. The watch cases offer a safe storage space when you’re moving around, so you’re protecting them from scratches. Plus, they make for a handy storage space right on your bedside table.

And you’ll most likely want to carry the watch case yourself, instead of just putting them in your luggage. That’s especially true when you’re flying American Airlines or Envoy Airlines, as these airlines are the most likely to mishandle luggage.

But which travel watch case should you get? Here are some terrific watch cases you should consider getting:

Wolf Roadster Watch Roll

If you’re a fan of British sports cars, then the design of this watch roll might seem a bit familiar. That’s because Wolf takes its design cues for this watch roll from cars like Aston Martin and Jaguar. You have those elegant clean lines and macassar ebony end panels that might have come straight from a Rolls Royce car interior.

This Wolf Roadster Watch Roll has enough space for 3 watches to sit side by side. It’s lined with diamond satin, and then protected by special watch guards that keep the watches inside from getting banged around. The box itself looks great, as it’s made with some pebbled leather. Don’t worry—the leather is vegan and it is even vegetable-tanned using a non-toxic process.

There’s even a “secret” space inside with 3 compartments, where you can hide your rings, cufflinks, and earrings.

Shinola Travel Watch Case

The unobtrusive design here is really convenient, as this case can fit inside any pocket or nook in your suitcase or backpack. That’s because of the flat design, so slipping this in your bag is easy enough.

The Italian leather on the outside protects your watches nicely, while the microsuede interior keeps your watches from moving around inside. The Italian leather can be black, navy, or tan vachetta, and it’s vegetable-tanned as well. This means that as the years pass, the leather will develop a nice patina.

Here you have enough space for just 2 watches. But that should be okay, as you probably have your 3rd watch on your wrist already, right?

Invicta Watch 3-Slot Watch Roll

Sure, some snobbish might sneer at Invicta watches, but their watch rolls are another matter. This particular watch case offers great protection for 3 watches, and they sit flush and secure inside.

The watch case also has a lot of personality going for it, with its bright racing yellow color complemented by gunmetal gray accents. There’s even a decorative dragon mask cluster, though it actually functions as a “doorknob” to let you open and shut the watch roll easily.

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