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Thailand Trip Packing List

After more than 2 years of not being able to travel outside the country, it’s finally happening! I know you’re excited – who wouldn’t?

Thailand is a beautiful place filled with nice beaches, great weather, beautiful people, and the food is simply amazing! So, to make sure you have everything you need for your trip, here’s our recommended Thailand packing list:

1. You’ll need a mosquito repellent:

We’re not just talking about bug sprays here. You should also bring repellent bracelets.

2. As for clothes

go for summer wear as it can get really hot here. Linen fabric is great, along with lightweight dresses and quick drying shirts.If spending time in or near the water, be sure to pack some sun-safe tops too.

3. You’ll need a few swimwear and cover ups

Oh and don’t forget to bring sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

4. If you’re planning to visit temples (and you should)

do bring long skirts or pants.

5. Bring a travel adaptor that can be used in Thailand.

They use 220 volts 50 Hz so unless all your electronics are dual voltage, you’ll need an adaptor/converter.

6. For toiletries

be sure to bring travel size versions so that it won’t take too much space in your luggage.

7. Sunscreen is a must.

It can get scorching hot and you’ll likely be outdoors most of the time so be sure to pack sunscreen with at least an SPF30. You should also bring sun protection for your lips.

8. Other personal care

products to bring are moisturizers, anti-frizz serum or cream for the hair, and body cream to prevent dryness.

9. Bring OTC medicines too

like Imodium, Ibuprofen, etc. Street food in Thailand is fantastic and also generally clean but just in case you get sick, it’s best to have meds close at hand.

10. If you are worried about jet lag

then be sure to pack in some melatonin tablet or chewables as well.

11. Hand sanitizers, masks, alcohol sprays, and antibacterial wipes should also be packed.

12. If you are taking any maintenance medications and supplements do bring them with you.

There are lots of pharmacies all over Thailand but you don’t want to have to go through the hassle of dealing with prescriptions in a foreign land.

13. For footwear

be sure to pack a pair of comfy shoes or sandals, walking shoes and flip flops for when you’re going to the beach.

14. Bring a waterproof phone case and a TSA approved luggage lock to keep your bags safe.

15. Bring compact rain gear like a lightweight poncho especially when going during rainy season.

16. Get your money exchanged to Baht.

While you can always withdraw money from International ATMs in local currency in Thailand, it’s a good idea to have at least some Baht ready in case you find yourself in a place with no ATMs.

17. Bring a travel bottle

Of course you don’t want to fill this up with water just before your flight since the TSA will want the liquid thrown out. Just bring an empty bottle which you can refill in your hotel. This will save you a lot of money (bottled water can be expensive!).

Book your flights via American Airlines or Cathay Pacific and have fun!

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