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A Closer Look at Excess Baggage Fees

Are you planning to travel soon and are looking for the cheapest flights from American Airlines to your chosen destination? Among the things you need to look into are excess baggage fees. These are basically the costs associated with checking luggage that are in excess of the standard luggage allowance set by the airline and are often assessed by size, weight and number of items.

You’ll pay for it on top of standard cost of your luggage and the amount can vary depending on the airline, fare class, route and any airline loyalty program you may have.

Allowances or limits for checked baggage (free and paid) are not the same across all airlines. Typically you can check 1-2 bags up to 50 pounds each and anything in excess will be charged a fee. Majority of airlines also prohibit passengers to bring more than 10 pieces of checked baggage.

Excess Baggage

Simply put, any baggage that is in excess of the airline’s standard luggage allowance for each passenger in terms of weight, quantity or size measurement is considered excess baggage. Each carrier has specific restrictions for dimensions, weight and number of baggage.

This limit can also be affected by the route, fare class, season, and loyalty program. Excess baggage are subject to extra costs beyond the prices for standard luggage and it’s important to check with the airline about these costs and limits before booking a flight.

Cost of Excess Baggage

Each airline has their own policies and rates for excess baggage. Generally however, you will pay more for excess baggage than the standard luggage rates. Delta Airlines, for example, allows Main Cabin economy passengers traveling from the United States to Europe 1 checked baggage.

If a passenger has a 2nd bag, the cost is $100. If the passenger brings a total of 3 bags, the first one is free, the 2nd one is $100 and the 3rd bag is $285. There are also limits to the size and weight of the bags as well. You’ll pay additional $100 for each bag that weighs between 51 and 70 pounds and a $300 fee for bags measuring 63-80 inches.

Another thing to note is that most airlines limit checked luggage to a weight of 50 pounds. Your airline will charge you a set fee if your luggage weighs more than this, on top of their rate for standard baggage. It’s best to contact your airline and inquire about their policies for overweight bags so you can avoid unwanted surprises at the check-in counter.

Most airlines pay a single price to check their bags from the location of their original departure to their final destination, even if there are several transfers en route.

But budget carriers like Norwegian Airlines charge different fees for each leg so any plane changes or layovers can incur their own baggage fees. Be sure to check with your airline about this before booking.

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