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How to Keep Your Checked Luggage Safe and Secure

The world has finally re-opened its doors and everyone’s itching to travel. Have you booked your Air Transat plane tickets? Well then, here are some tips to help you keep your luggage safe on your next vacation.

1. Pack your own bags.

When your trip involves taking a flight or crossing a border or basically anything that requires you to pass through Customs, you need to pack your own bag and carry it yourself. Don’t carry anyone else’s bag especially if they’re not family. You’ll never know what they could be packing in their bag!

2. Familiarize yourself with quarantine laws.

To make sure you’re not carrying any illegal substances or items you need to know the quarantine laws in your country and in the country you’re traveling to. Something as seemingly harmless as a piece of fruit or a sandwich could lead to hefty fines.

In Australia, for example, if you’re caught carrying something that they prohibit such as uncooked meat and you failed to declare it, you could face 10 years imprisonment or AU $66,000 in fines.

3. Buy a sturdy bag.

You need a bag that can be securely locked and not easy to tamper. If you’re traveling within the US, make sure your luggage lock meets TSA requirements otherwise they will cut the lock.

4. Bring zip ties.

Zip ties can be incredibly useful so that others can’t easily open your bag. You can even use colorful ties so that you can easily identify your bags from a distance.

5. Don’t leave your bag unattended

No matter where you are, always make sure you keep an eye on your luggage. If you leave your luggage, you should keep it locked, even in your hotel room.  If you’re sitting in a café or airport lounge, keep your bag strapped to your chair or table.

6. Keep your valuables in your purse

Better yet, wear them. You can use a neck wallet for your cards and cash. Leave your jewelry at home. If you have to bring a few, wear them instead of placing them in your bag.

7. Travel with a unique luggage

You probably already know this but nearly every bag that comes out of the carousel is colored black. Some have colored ribbons on them, which is great.

But if you want your bag to be easily recognizable, you need to pick a unique color or design. You can get a brightly colored bag with some colorful stickers on it.

8. Take a photo of your luggage and the airline’s claim receipt.

Many travelers lose their bag, so if you need to file a claim for a missing bag, a photo of the item and the receipt will come in handy.

If the airline loses your bag, here are the things you need to do:

  • First, you should approach the luggage office right away and see if your bag got misplaced there.
  • If not, you need to fill out the lost baggage form.
  • Give your contact number to the airline so they can reach you as soon as they find your luggage.
  • Check if the airline offers any reimbursement and know the maximum amount you can spend.
  • Ask the staff for their contact number so you can monitor the status of your lost bags.

How to Keep Your Luggage From Getting Lost by Airlines

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