Airport Tips to Make Your Travel Easier

Airport Tips to Make Your Travel Easier

As someone who travels frequently for work, let me share some airport tips that might also be useful to you.

1. Always pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on.

Bottled water can be expensive in airports so be sure to bring an empty water bottle with you. There are water refill stations and water fountains inside the airport.

2. Bring your own snacks.

Just like bottled water, airport food can be pricey. Pack some dried fruits, energy bars and nuts in your carry-on.

3. Take a photo of your parking spot.

If you’re driving to the airport and leaving your car there, be sure to photograph your parking space so you’ll know exactly where you can find your vehicle upon your return. It’s so easy to forget and you could end up spending an hour looking for your car.

4. Check in for your flight online.

You can do this usually within 24 hours of your flight. It’s convenient and saves you a lot of time waiting in line for airport check-in. Plus, you can also pick your seat in case you weren’t able to when you purchased your tickets.

5. Dress in layers.

Dressing in layers will help you to stay comfortable at the airport as well as on the airplane. Airports can be very cold.

6. Bring a portable charger.

Having a portable charger for your mobile devices will ensure you never run out of battery when you’re traveling. Not all airports have charging stations or they might all be used especially in busy airports.

7. Laptops and electronic devices should be packed separately.

Airport security will ask travelers to take out their laptops, mobile devices and electronics. It can be such a hassle having to dig through your bag finding these items and then putting them back inside after inspection. Packing them in a separate carry-on will make the whole process convenient and fast.

8. Take photos of your checked luggage.

There’s a slim chance your checked luggage might get lost, damaged or stolen. Be sure to take a photo of it as well as its contents so that airport personnel can try to locate it. Taking photos of your packed items also help in case you need to file a claim for a lost luggage. On a similar note, it also helps if you put colorful tags, stickers or ribbons on your bags so you’ll have a much easier time finding it on the carousel.

9. Pack hand sanitizer.

Be sure to pack a mini hand sanitizer when you’re traveling. Airports and planes have germs everywhere.

10. Pack your toiletries in your carry-on.

Travel-sized toiletries (TSA-approved) should be placed in your carry-on so you’ll have the essentials in case your bags get lost or delayed.

11. Go left at security checkpoint.

When lining up at security checkpoint, go to the left-most line as this often seems to be the shortest line.

12. Go to the toilet before boarding.

If your flight’s only 1-2 hours long, you can save yourself the hassle of having to use the airplane’s toilet if you pee before boarding.

13. Plan your airplane outfit.

There’s such a thing as airport fashion, but I call mine airplane outfit. Ultimately, you want to wear something comfortable and appropriate for your travel. Planning your outfit ahead of time will save you the stress of having to figure out what to wear on the day of your trip.

No matter which airline you’re taking – Porter Airlines, Spirit or Hawaiian Air or no matter which airport you’re going to, these tips can really come in handy.

Check out this video if you need inspiration on what to wear to the airport:


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